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Im bored

Posted by Leprechaun59 - December 3rd, 2009

Nothing is really going on here. its my first time posting so please don't criticize me. Tell your friends about me because i want to make myself known.


Happy Valentines Day, sex robot!
Inventor David Hines has taken loneliness to a new level. Hines, a New Jersey native, is the founder of True Companion, a company that sells life-size, speaking sex robots.

Hines showed off his creation at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas last month. So far, only female robots are available, but there is no doubt just as many lonely women are requesting male robots from the company's site, truecompanion.com.

So far, the robots come in three personalities: Roxxxy, Wild Wendy and Frigid Farrah. Every robot has a laptop connected to its back and touch sensors in strategically-placed areas so it can sense when it's being, well, you know. The robots don't move on their own, yet they shudder when they "orgasm."

The biggest selling point in Hines' eyes is the fact that the robots are designed to engage in simple conversations. This overly talkative robot seems to be the opposite of what men want in a woman. She also can't cook or clean, but she does snore.
Let's get down to business and consider the fact that a talking sex robot is selling for over $7,000.

Advantages of this new technology: you don't have to shower Roxxxy with Valentine's Day gifts or loving compliments, and you can turn her off whenever you please. You can also turn her on with barely any effort. Never again will you hear the excuse, "Not tonight, babe. I'm tired."

Disadvantages of this new technology: you're spending a good portion of your paycheck on a grandiose sex toy, and she only lasts for 3 hours before you have to recharge her batteries. If that idea doesn't turn you on, I don't know what does. However, if you don't charge her all the way before getting down to business, she can shut off before you finish. Ladies, sound familiar?

Hines claims that most of his business comes from men who "have trouble meeting girls." If you're paying $7,000 to have a conversation with a robot, let alone fornicate with one, I'd say you missed the lesson on rewarding pick up lines.

It's a small market, but it's a market. If David Hines has created a product that people will buy, then good for him. It will be very interesting to see how far this product will go in our society, and how obsolete human-to-human intimacy will be years from now.